Swimming Fun...more Cousin Camp

It was REALLY hot this summer! (still is actually)  But this summer we were hitting temps like 107 to 111 degrees in the valley.  One day my good friend Taryn invited me and my brood of 6 kids up to her moms pool for some cooling off!  It was a ton of fun!  It doesn't matter the size of the pool or the pool toys that they have (they had some cool ones) or if there is a diving board or a slide or none of the above, if you have a pool and these cousins all together they will create some sort of game and have a great time with each other!  Thank you Taryn for the best day!  Tons of memories were made this day!  
Big dorks!
Taryn's brother's dog LOVED to get in the water and play fetch!  The kids LOVED that!
Dash and his cannon ball!  He can swim with out floaties but I was still being a very nervous mom.  With me having to keep my eyes on 6 kids I made him wear floaties in the deep end.  He was not a happy camper.  Sorry little man.
Curtis and Max!  Max LOVES to hang out with Curtis and Curt is really patient with him (most of the time;)  I think they act a lot like brothers!  I love to see them interact together!
I love Dash's goggles.  He got them when he had swim lessons last year.  They are the one thing he doesn't have to share in the swim bag.  They are REALLY cool and he knows it.  (He did share them with Curt once or twice, all though Curt kind of knew not to ask.) ;)

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