slip and slide

Slip and Slides are fun no matter how old you are!  This summer during "Cousin Camp" we pulled this out to beat the heat!  It was TONS of fun!  

Everyone has to show there stuff!  Max is great with the rock n' roll slide!
Grace had the element of surprise!
Dash was great with the speed!
Curt won for the tricks!
Darby pretended to play it safe.......
her long legs never really let her play it safe though.....she was all over the place!
Then we pulled out some sponge bombs that GG Ma made them.  They had a good solid hour of fun with them!  I love this picture of them!  No mercy!  All laughter!  The sponges didn't hurt at all, I think they just hurt your pride.
At one point the sponge bombs started falling apart and we had little sponges everywhere!  Then there were teams of gatherers and then began the war of collecting the sponges!?!?!?!  Why is that fun?
So you can chuck it on your cousin when he least suspects it!
But he will get you back!
She will gather and gather and gather.....
and be the Queen of the sponges!!!!!!

I have no idea.   I just love the face!  She will hate it.  (Insert evil mom laugh here!!!!)  Thanks Granny Carter for the hours of fun we had with our sponge bombs!!!!  We love you!

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Hil said...

Love me some Max crack!