Adventure Time!

Adventure Time is one of our families favorite cartoons.  It is one that we all watch together.  It is weird and goofy and dumb and sometimes a little irreverent. This is the cast!  We are going to be them for Halloween.  Juliet will be Princess Bubblegum.  Brandon will be The Ice King.  Max will be Jake the Dog and Dash will be Finn the Human.  Darby will be Marcelline the Vampire and I will be Lumpy Space Princess or LSP if you are an Adventure Time Geek.  She is the purple princess.....with the lumps. ;)   The kids are REALLY excited.  Last year Darby went as a character (B-MO a little robot)  she looked a little like a game boy video game.  But the people who followed A. Time knew exactly who she was and went as far as to get pictures with her.  
This summer when Curt and Grace came we had an Adventure Time Marathon!  Of course you have to dress up for that!  Darby as Marcelline and Gracie as Fiona!  

 (I won't lie.....I'm excited too!  I love this show and I love that my kids will think I'm super cool for doing this!)  This is Lumpy Space Princess...... One of her more famous quotes is "Oh my glob, Drama bomb!"  She thinks she is super sexy and everyone loves her lumps!  :)

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