Sculpty clay....Cousin Camp 2012

This is the night that Uncle B/Daddy was in charge!  I had a scout meeting for cub scout day camp!   Obviously after a long day of swimming.  I asked him to do something fun, like play a game or something.  He took it to a whole other level!  Creativity is his game!  I love it!  He pulled out the Sculptey clay.  Something I would have NEVER done!  It is clay that you can form then bake.  You sculpt it over a tinfoil scupture of some sort.  It's like Play Dough for big kids but it can be made into something that will stay forever!  The kids LOVED every second of it!  I love that they were building even more memories and they learned something new and they had souvenirs to show for it.  (I love that they got to spend time with Brandon too!) 
Hard at work.  I love that they all look like they are thinking really hard about what they are creating or what they are going to create!
Brandon is creating an octopus out of wire and tin foil so that Dash can cover it with the sculpty!

All the creations.  I was so proud of all their creativity.  I honestly couldn't guess that Brandon only did one of them.  I thought he had made the cats and the little colorful guy for sure!
Darby and Gracie made the cats!
This is the monster Brandon had made to show them what to do.
Curtis had made a series of the colorful guys with eyeballs!  So much fun!

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