Painting for scout camp and Pioneer days

We had to get ready for scout camp.  This day we were painting a boat.  The kids weren't really excited about it but because I was semi sort of in charge or training to be in charge of scout camp we were there to help!  (Next year is my big year....how do I get myself into these things.....it's because I love my boys!)  At any rate.  The older kids were all set to be Den Chiefs so they HAD to help me.   You littlies  were just there because they wanted to in the middle of everything.  

Brandon was involved/in charge because he is the artist.  SO happy to have him.

Max was in charge of entertaining and watching Juliet.  Sometimes she didn't appreciate that so much.
We finally just gave her some left over cardboard to paint on and "help".
After we were done setting up for scout camp the stake had scheduled the Pioneer Day celebration so we were all ready there and ready to go!  This is the "pie" eating contest.  (It's really just whip cream in a pie tin)  Aaron Camling.
Darby and Max.
Gracie was a great cousin and held back Darby's hair for her.
She also held Darby's plate....not sure if that is aloud or not!?
At one point someone put Aarons pie on his head!
He just continued on!
Brother Jorgenson was in it to win it!
Not sure if Darby won or not but she had a great time!
Max had a great time but decided he would pass on this activity next time.  Not feeling so hot afterwards.
They then had a sack race.  (Nothing like jumping around after you downed a bunch of whip cream!)
Gracie was jumping so hard she jumped out of her sack.  I love how hard she is trying.....even though the race is over.  Darby is all but walking away and Grace is still just a going!
This is the finished boat for scout camp!  We had to caution tape it off so nobody played in it at pioneer days.  We were pretty proud of it and the scouts really loved it when they showed up for camp!  It really made camp look exciting!
This is a "fort" we painted too.  The castle part came from the set that Brandon painted for Max's Wizard Of Oz play.  The fort was something they could actually crawl through.  It was pretty cool.  The sad thing is that on the last day the boys had a water fight on the boat and fort and ruined the sets.  I would have liked to bring the castle set home but I knew it was a chance we would take.  It lasted all week and the boys really did love it!

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Maxmomma said...

WOWOWOW! What lucky scouts-- that boat and Castle front are AMAZING.