Why is it when I go to Target in my pajamas after a workout to pick up a couple things for my calling do I run into the most random beautiful people?  Not that we are best friends or anything but WHY?  Why didn't I shower?  Put on Jeans? deodorant? SO here I am, strolling through the clearance section in Target, smelling like a petting zoo, and I hear a familiar voice!  Who do I look up and see?  
 Giada from the Cooking Network!  Shopping right next to me in the clearance section.  Looking beautiful and smelling beautiful!  Only in L.A.   Can I say "Oh, Hi Giada, I really liked you on the Next Food Network Star, you were a great coach and really sweet!  You look great!  Sorry I smell like a petting zoo!  My friend would love for you to stop saying things with an Italian accent when you speak totally normal unless it's an Italian word.  Otherwise we love you!"  NOPE!  I can't say any of that because I look like the picture above!  So we just made eye contact (she thought I was crazy I'm sure) and smiled at each other and I walked away thinking she was a little cooler for shopping in the clearance section at Target none the less!

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Alison said...

I would have said it anyway. She's a size 2 and a great cook, so there's a very good chance she smells like a petting zoo once in a while too.