Dinners and Redrover

Another one of our favorite things to do while our cousins were here was to have dinner outside on the new picnic furniture!  It was never a dull moment with all of them!  Seriously,  I wish we all lived closer so dinners were like this all the time!  These 3 pictures are the ones that made me miss them the most.  Post bath, dinner time.  Just hanging out as a family.  It didn't hurt that it was a favorite meal of everyone either.  I learned fast that this is one that I needed to make doubles of.  (mini-turkey meatloaf, rolls, mashed potatoes and broccoli!)  
After dinner they played "Red rover".  I love that there is only 6 of them and they are making it work.  All different ages and sizes and nobody cares.  They are just playing together and having fun.  I love that they are accommodating for Juliet and the encouragement on Dash's face is priceless!
I love the joy on Juliet's face and Curt's face!  THIS is what Cousin Camp is to me!

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