Brandon's 40th birthday party

Yes that is 40 candles!  I asked B what he wanted for bis 40th.  He said a book.  (If he does nothing short of flying in all my best friends or a cruise for my 40th he will be a dead man....I am thinking dancers and maybe a rapper or Dolly Parton or a HUGE party with a slide show.....NOT a book!)  BUT that is all he wanted!  Just a little party with his kids and a book.  We were supposed to go on a cruise with good friends of ours who were all hitting milestone birthdays but I think we moved that to January.  So he wanted a book.  sigh. Happy 40th. 
BUT, how do you argue with this guy?  Look how excited and happy he is to blow out his candles?  The kids were all excited to plan for his party and we were able to use our new picnic furniture from my parents!  We had a great time as a family.  I love that he is such a simple man and such simple things make him happy!
His brother and sister in law gave him pajamas!  LOVE IT!  He can ALWAYS use some good snuggy clothes!  (I love some stuff I can steal too....who's birthday is this?)
We cave him some LEGOS!  His birthday would NOT have been complete without some LEGOS and these were "Lord of the Ring" LEGOS!  (I didn't think they could get more geek after the star wars LEGOS but they did....and then he did....and I love him for it!)  Look at his face!  Half happy, half "I can't believe I got these" with a little bit "when is it appropriate to tear into a gift"?!?!?    He also got some new head phones for his desk (which were wrong.....don't ask me to buy technology....ever!)  and his book.  It was a political book.  I will never read it.  He keeps asking me to.  I won't.  snore.  Are their vampires in politics?  Don't answer that!)
These cutie pies had a great time at the party!  The big kids took the ladder and some blankets and made a "club house/death trap" out of the tree!  This is as far as I would let the littlies up! sorry!
Favorite picture of the evening!  Brothers.   We had a great time just laughing and chatting and watching the kids play outside.  We enjoyed our birthday furniture and were so happy that we got to have a relaxing evening with family over.

this was the last shot of the night.....Jamie trying to get some of Brandon's cake....there were some funnier shots that they made me delete because it made them look more like a "couple" and less like brothers!  NEVER a dull moment with these 2 around!
40 reasons I love love love Brandon Keith Jeffords!

1. spiritual!  never failing.  You always know where he stands.
2. FUNNY!  He makes me laugh EVERY day.
3. great dad.
4. great husband.
5. great provider.
6. sexy
7. super kisser.
8. faithful....even when my faith is lacking.
9. he packs the kids lunches.  (The worst job EVER)
10. he plays the guitar
11. he lets me drive most of the time
12. he's a peacemaker.
13. hardworker
14. he sends me sweet texts
15. thoughtful
16. loyal
17. has the BEST hands ever (seriously, look at them next time)
18. lets me steal the covers
19. he's a dreamer.
20. he encourages me to follow my dreams
21. he saves for a rainy day.
22. he's great at surprises.
23. his smile
24. the best story teller EVER
25. makes the BEST sandwich (gets that from his dad)
26. SO forgetful (sometimes not my favorite but it can be cute SOMETIMES)
27. patient
28. patient
29. patient
30. I'm not very patient so I love that he is SO patient with me and our kids!
31. easy going
32. he thinks I look good ALL the time!  bed head, sweaty head, or best dress!
33. he loves my close friends. he knows what they mean to me.
34. he's never afraid to be goofy or look dumb with me (or anyone else usually)
35. makes the best faces and weirdest noises (face making contest anyone?)
36. not afraid to cry at movies.
37. he HATES the t.v.  I LOVE t.v.  I love that he hates it.  It balances us out.
38. I love that he reads the most BORING material known to man.  Seriously. Snore fest. He is one of the funniest people ever and he reads some of the most boring things ever.
39. integrity.
40. honest.  I don't doubt his word for a second!
I love you Brandon Keith Jeffords!  Here's to another 40 or more birthdays together!  MUAH!

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