Fourth of July 2012

This year for the Fourth of July my parents were able to come out and visit.  They brought Curtis and Gracie with them for "Cousin Camp" (I stole that name from my mother in law.....she used to do cousin camp with as many of her grand kids as she could).  We started our 4th of July with pedicures for Gracies birthday!  (Her birthday is on the 3rd....same as my mother in law!) ;) Juliet is VERY serious about her pedicure!  I love that even though I am telling her to look at me and smile she won't.  She is VERY L.A. with her Sunglasses and her pedicure.  The big girls had walked next door to Starbucks and got a froo froo icy drink for her too so she looked VERY L.A. (ridiculous) 
Getting pampered is exhausting!
The morning of the Fourth the ward had a breakfast and a flag raising ceremony!  It was tons of fun and a great way to kick off the day!  Here Dash is running home!

We wanted to put our flag up too.  It's just that our flag pole is in-between the hedges and the house.  It was a weird spot that no one could get to.  The men folk decided it would be a good idea to lift one of the kids and have them try to put it in the slot.  It was pretty funny to watch.  I was lucky to even get this picture because I was laughing to hard.  Needless to say, we didn't' get to hang our flag this year.  (it turns out our flag pole is thicker than the holder it is supposed to go into.)  ;)  
While we were getting ready for our BBQ the kids played some dress up!

They even dressed up Coco!

Coco is a very loved dog!   My dad followed her around like a puppy and when he wasn't following her around then she was looking for him!  I think they like each other!
There was some video gaming going on!
Nana helped me in the kitchen!  I love love love this picture of her!  SO cute!
And papa manned the Ribs at the BBQ!
The kids had a TON of fun in the new car that we acquired!  (From the side of the road!  My friend Alison said their car like this was one of the most played on items at their house.....I found this puppy a few weeks after I read her post about their car.....it has lived up to it's expectations for sure!!!!)  EVERYONE LOVES IT!
I love that Jeremy is looking at Juliet like "Is he seriously going to put that dog in this car?"
We ate like kings!!!!  SO much food!!!!!   The ribs were falling off the bone!
The kids blanket!
The grown up table!
Curtis in the blue bomber!  (seriously, I couldn't keep the big kids out of the car!  It is the FIRST thing everyone goes to get in or on!  they ALL love it!)
The attached a rope to it and were FLINGING each other around in it!  Very fun/dangerous/fun.  I love that Darby's limbs are so long that they are hanging out EVERYWHERE!
All the kids!  Juliet, Gracie Belle, Darby, Journey, Curtis, Dash, Max and Jer Bear!
A little after dinner foot ball while some of the ladies did the dishes to get ready to leave for fireworks!

We had a great time and made tons of memories this 4th of July.  We  are truly blessed to live in this country and to have the freedoms that we have to be able to do the things that we are able to do.  I am so very grateful for the men and women and their families who sacrifice and fight to keep our freedoms and keep our country safe.   I love the 4th of July and the opportunity we get to celebrate our freedoms and having my family with me celebrate it with only made it better!!!!

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