The coolest Star Wars party EVER!

Amy Johnson ALWAYS throws an amazing party.  This year it was a Star Wars party for her son.  I knew it was going to be great.  I had thrown a Star Wars party for my son a couple years before and I had some really great ideas but I knew it was going to pale in comparison to an Amy Johnson party.  I'm not saying this to bag on my own party.  I'm only saying this so y'all know her parties truly are amazing and I take detailed pictures so I can re-visit them and "share" her ideas later!  I adore me some Amy Johnson parties.  It's all in the details and her details are AMAZING!  Thank you Amy J. for inviting us and letting me take detailed pictures!  

When you arrived you had to name a character from the Star Wars book to get your tokens.  (the party was at Chuckee Cheese.....she still decorates and goes all out....I love it!) 
Here is Dash answering his question and winning a blow up light saber!  
She is always so sweet to invite ALL of my kids.  Her son was turning 5 so really it should have just been Juliet or Dash but ALL my kids LOVE her parties.
Princess Leia's Buns!
Yoda cookies
the gift bags.....full of amazing goodies that my kids LOVED! Their favorite were the glow in the dark stars that you put on your ceiling!
Light saber licorice!
Hyperdrive coils!
Ewok snacks!
Red meteors!
C3PO'S Spare parts!
Blow up light saber part favors!

I love the Star Wars fabric table runner!
even her husbands old Star Wars ship was centerpiece!  SO adorable!

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