The Hairy Dude!

The other day Juliet was playing by herself in her room with her doll house.  She lined up some of her "guys". (that's what we call all small figurines....petshops, star wars guys, princesses, so on.)  She was introducing one guy to all the others and she said this is the say "hi, this is...the deer, and the spider, and the mouse, and the cat and the crab and the puppy and the raccoon and the snail and the strawberry shortcake and (move to the back row with out skipping a beat) the hairy dude and the monster!"  
I love that with out missing a beat she introduced "the hairy DUDE"  and that is exactly what he is....a hairy dude....unless you step on him and I would call him a spikey dude!  NO BUENO!  :)
A picture of all the cast.....you can see C3PO fell down at some point and Tangled made her way back into play too.  I love her imagination and that she can play by herself!  cute girl!

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