Pirate beach with the Jeffords

This is one of our FAVORITE beaches and parks to go to!  We call it the Pirate Beach.  It is in Oxnard.  It's about 50 minutes away and worth the drive.  The park is adorable (Looks like a pirate ship) and is just a few hundred yards away from the beach.  So you play for a bit at the park then you gather your things and jaunt over to the beach.  WE love it.  I love it because I think it is a hidden secret.  Not a lot of people go to this beach for whatever reason and I like that.  I don't ever have to worry about my kids being taken away by huge crowds.  Very manageable when I am by myself.  This day though we were with family and that is always the funnest!  It was Memorial Day and even though the park was really busy the beach was still it's normal calm self! 

Juliet and Jeremy! 
This is a fun little devise!  It would make me sick.

If you can talk your brother into spinning you then that is even better!
But then his brother ran off and left him to spin himself!

Love this shot!

Uncle Jamie!!!!
That's much better!

Sweet boys!
Cute family picture!
Jamie and I have tons of pictures like this!

Jeremy LOVES Max!  He is always watching what he is doing!  I love it!

They found a lot of sand crabs!

Juliet had to go pee.  We were going to have to go ALL the way back to the park and so like any good parent we told her to go in the ocean.  She didn't understand.  Being the wonderful parents we are we yelled at her NOT to get naked.
SO she peed by her sister.  I love the look on Darby's face.
Then Juliet was mad.

but Darby is great at getting things back on track and having fun.

and rinsing the pee off your legs.  what a great big sister... she makes up where we lack in parenting!  ;)
It really is one of the best beaches around!  The sand is soft and the waves are awesome and there is hardly any people there.  Just watch out for the little bit of pee.  ;)

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