Mormon Dodger Night

This is part of "Mormon Dodger Night".  Yes, there really is such a thing.  I didn't think there was either.  Anyone can go on that night.  If you do go though expect that there will be a lot of Mormons there. :)  President Uchtdorf threw out the first pitch and someone from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang the National Anthem.  It was a really great night!  It was fun to be surrounded by people with our same faith.  I met cute girl sitting behind me and we exchanged phone numbers.  We had a great time!  

It was the Dodgers vs. the Mets.  Brandon kept getting dirty looks and we couldn't figure out why until about half way through the game we realized he was wearing Mets colors.  We don't follow baseball very well.  He was just wearing a Blue and Orange and Grey shirt.  Very generic.  Not if your a Dodger fan though.  

The kids really loved it!  We got Dodger dogs for dinner.
She loved being goofy with daddy!
or did he love being goofy with her?
They all love being goofy together!
We had seats right up against the railing.  That stressed me out a little bit because I didn't want one of my kids to fall over the side.  Brandon says I stress too much.  UNTIL one of Max's flip flops fell over the railing.  The group that it fell on were really good sports though and when I went down to pick it up they all cheered for me.  Note to self:  Railing seats with children are NOT OK!
showing off her ticket.

On Friday's when it's a home game they let you down on the field for the fireworks.  My kids wanted to go down so bad!  We didn't know they did that though.  Next time.  It was a pretty cool sight to see.  How many people get to say that they were on the Dodger field?  I think that is pretty cool.

Ending the night in fireworks with a music show!  It was a great night and I can't wait for next year!

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