Young Authors Night

In the 3rd Grade they get to Author and Illustrate an Original story and then have a Young Authors night.   They get to read from their story for 3 minutes then a timer goes off.  When the timer goes off they would say "If you would to know more information about my book or how it ends then you can buy my book!"    After the readings were finished then you got to go around and purchase a copy of the books that you enjoyed for 25 cents a piece.   It was a great night!  
Max is a big cheese ball!
I wonder where he gets it from.....
This is Max's third grade teacher, Mrs. Sanders.  She is retiring this year.  She has been a great fit for Max this year.  I don't know if she would have been a perfect fit for my other kids but she has been perfect for Max.  Knowing that this is the last class of her career I get emotional at all of these events for her.  :(
This is Ryan Prybil.  He is one of Max's best buddies in the 3rd grade.  I adore him and all his quirky great things he says and does!  He has been a great friend to Max!  He is just a good kid!  All boy!
Max doing his reading.  He didn't want to read the full 3 minutes.  He wanted to leave them in suspense!  He dedicated his book to his good friend in the ward, Tyler Cowley.  His book was titled "The Misadventures of Winter".  It was 26 pages long!
The prologue read.....  "One day a girl named swinger was born.  She was born on December 30the.  Winter had a connection with snow.  Then her two twin brothers were born.  Their names were Ash and Frost.  Ash had often made fire by rubbing his hands together.  Nothing strange ever happened to Frost."  .....   If you would like to read more you will have to order a copy :)

They had to do a poster about the author and this was his cute author picture.  I love it!   I love that he is wearing a cute scout shirt.  I love his crazy hair!  I love his adorable smile!  I love his blue eyes!   I want to eat his young author face!  

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