The Boston Tea Party

Darby's 5th grade class did a re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party.  It was....how do you say....as interesting as a 5th grade re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party can be.  (I'm not a fan of History...If you are, then you would have LOVED it!  :)  I loved it because my kid was in it!)   I didn't love that there were no microphones so it was hard to hear and there wasn't enough chairs.  (complaining complaining complaining, I love History class, complaining) 
 Brandon "helped" the kids paint the sets one morning.  He really just directed and they painted.  I will have to ask Darby who she was.  As I stated all ready how much I love history, I forgot who she was.  I know it was important because she had a lot of lines.  I know she was a bad guy.  Someone who wanted taxes.  Someone the audience booed.
 I took this picture because of her cute friend Amanda.  I adore her.
 Darby didn't feel well this night and she was pretty mad at me for making her go.  I love that she sat angrily in front of a whole theatre full of people.  :)

 I love the attitude she is giving this girl too.  She is playing the bad guy really good!

 At the end they sang a song!  I'm sure it at to do with tea and how boring history is.  ;)
 La la la la la Tea tea tea History history, boring, I'm mad at me mum! la la la! ;)

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Hil said...

Oh MY gosh! This cracked me up SO bad! I teach 5th grade history... but really it was your snarky comments Sue. Have I told you lately that I miss you?