SNOW CONES!!!!!!!!

This is what I have been saving for FOREVERRRRRR!!!!!  
Dash got a snow cone maker for Christmas and it hit me then that I REALLY wanted a commercial grade snow cone machine.  I was going to sell snow cones in my drive way to the middle school kids and teach my kids how to run a business with this baby!  Not to mention who DOESN'T LOVE A GOOD SNOW CONE!?!?!?  I thought I could rent it to the scouts and the youth and the school and and and and...... (1/2 of what they would rent it any where else of course)  I would be the coolest aunt/friend/mom/sister/daughter/wife/granddaughter/teacher/you name it I am now the coolest! ;)  who doesn't want to know the girl who owns a snow cone machine.  "Hi Suzy,  I'm having a party and I was wondering if I could borrow your amazing snowcone machine because you are the coolest person in the world?"
This is what it makes.....it's called snow......not chunks of ice.....SNOW!
It makes LOTS of it!
You add flavor and it creates joy!!!!  ;)
I LOVE this picture because the kids look like little baby birds waiting for their joyous delicious flavored snow that their wonderful mother created!

My man got involved at one point and decided I needed to save a little more and buy a cart because I was just going to buy a bus tub cart (like in restaurants) it seemed like a great idea at the time!  He got a bit bossy (because I was the one saving) and we ended up with this!
And it looks like this all together!  It is beautiful and I love it!  Her name is Sally!  Sally the snowCone machine!  If B loses his job (heaven forbid)  I have a back up plan!  :)   Summer just got a whole lot better at the Jeffords house!

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Kaela said...

So cool (haha, get it? I'm punny!). The legal eagle husband wanted to make sure you have yourself covered legally before selling sno cones to anyone. He's special :)