Grandpa Carter

My Grandpa passed away in March.  We were going out there to see him over spring break.  We thought that we were going to have at least another Christmas with him.  I am grateful for the brief moments that we got with him and even more grateful that he is no longer in pain.   I know that we will see him again someday.  My Uncle Spike had dreamt the night before that Gramps was in Heaven smiling and waiving at everyone with his hand that was finally whole.  (his right hand only had 3 fingers)  I imagine him smiling and waiving and shaking peoples hands.    When I was younger he used to shake my boyfriends hands without warning and watch their reactions.  That is how he would "weed" them out.  If they flinched or pulled away he didn't care for them.  :)  He also told me he lost his finger because a booger bit it off.  Don't pick your nose.  It was very scary.  He would also thump you on your head with the nubby part of one of his fingers.  You NEVER wanted that to happen.  EVER.  
 My grandpa was quiet but strong.  I never doubted he loved me.  He used to buy me candy with out granny knowing.  He also used to eat my asparagus with out her knowing.  He taught me how to whistle and snap.  He taught me to love to fish.  He loved to putter.  He refinished a little desk for me that sits in my entry way that I will treasure forever.

Right before he passed away Darby sang to him.  She sang White Cliffs of Dover.  Granny C asked her to sing it at the funeral.  That was a big responsibility for an 11 year old to take on but she wanted to do it!  I was more worried that she was.  The toughest part about it was that she was REALLY sick.  She had a horrible cold and sore throat.  I kept telling her that she didn't have to do this or that we could find someone to sing with her, but she really wanted to do this for Grandma and Grandpa.  She did it and it was beautiful.  I was really proud of her!  1/2 way through the funeral Max told me that he felt like he needed to say something.  (? Max sometimes gets these promptings)  I told him we couldn't interrupt the funeral but he could maybe say something at the luncheon.  Grandma let him say a few words at the graveside and it was a really sweet moment.  He talked about what a good man grandpa was and that he loved him.  I love that he is so brave and that he follows his promptings.
 I love Grandpa's smile.  I love his chuckle too.  He had a GREAT chuckle!
He served in the military.  I love this picture!  SO handsome!  
 This is another one of my favorite pictures.  He looks like the Marlboro man or something.  This picture looks like something from a movie.  I love it!  He was one of the hardest workers I knew.
 This is my Aunt Valerie and him.  I don't know if this if for a dance or a wedding or what it is for.  I love his smile and the twinkle in his eyes.
 another great picture of his great smile.  Another thing I loved about him was how much he loved my granny.  You didn't cross him when it came to her.  You would lose.  I love that.
 This is a really cool picture of when he was in the military.  He was in Africa an went on a Safari.  I'm sure you would not be able to do this today but a great picture to have of him now.
 This is him as a baby.
 My grandma gave me 3 of his ties for my boys.  Dash didn't make it for the picture but I love that my boys get to wear my Grandpa's ties to church now and again and I get to think of him when they do.  I will sure miss him.

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