Bring your kids to work day!

Bring your kids to work day is a big day for my kids!  It's pretty cool to go with Brandon.  I tried to make it a cool day for Dash.  (you had to be 9 or older to go to Sony)  Dash came to the gym with me and he got an airbrush tan AND we got Yogurt Land!  WHAT?  I think that is AMAZING!!!  Who wants to go to SONY?  NOT ME!  

Especially not after seeing these pictures or seeing the swag bags they brought home!  BORING!   I kind of think making cartoons is boring too. 
 This is Max and one of Brandon's bosses daughters.  They are posing like the cut outs!

 I love that even with Cody (the director) Darby can't make a serious face!
 When you go to work with dad do you get to go to a screening of the movie Pirates?  Maybe.   I don't know?   I don't think I would even want to see that movie if I were a kid.  I think I would rather go to the gym and get a tan and go to yogurt land!

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