More Easter FUN!

Easter Sunday we went in the back yard and enjoyed Uncle Ryeley's new fire pit!  Someone who really loves him gave it to him for an early birthday gift!  (I did!)  He has wanted a fire pit FOREVER!!!  I have wanted to give him one forever.  It just worked out this trip that we were able to do just that.  When we went Easter shopping together we found them on clearance at the Wal-Mart!  The funnest part about that trip was that we had decided to speak in an English accent the entire shopping trip.  That's right!  (you're doing it now, aren't you?)  SO when we were chatting down the isles, when we asked for help, or a price check.  It was rather fun!  We were cheeky little Devils! (As my English Friend Helen would say!)  
Here is some of the sidewalk chalk art the kids did!  I think they came up with some amazing stuff!  
 Uncle Ryeley likes to roast Peeps.  I do not like Peeps or Marshmellows so I was not wanting to try this at all.  He talked me into it and I was SOLD!!!  Once we got home to California I waited for the Peeps to go on clearance and I bought them ALL!!!  (28cents a box)  When you roast them they end up like a creme brule sort of thing.  SUPER YUMMY!!!  I still don't like peeps and I'm still not a fan of marshmallows, but I will take a yummy roasted sugary warm peep any day!  SO GOOD!!!!

 This kid LOVES smores!  He loved the peeps too!
 I love the Domo chalk art!
 It was a little sad to roast something like a bunny or a duck.....marshmallows are just round little white balls. :)
 I love Dash's cute little face.  Even though this picture wasn't a great picture of anything else,  I love that I caught him laughing.
 I don't know how much Dash ate, but I know he loved to Roast them and play with the fire.  That is comforting.  Look at that naughty little face!

 That is one happy kid!

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