What does the first week of your summer look like?

This is what the first week of our summer looks like.  It's a favor.  A BIG ONE! ;)  We are Duck sitting for a week.  Ducks are easy right? 
 This guy LOVES animals.  ALL animals!  When they were saying what they wanted to be when they grew up in kindergarten he said he wanted to to be "a pet shop owner with hamsters" He wants to own a zoo too.  Animals love him too.  He is somewhat of an animal whisperer.....they flock to him.
 kissing the ducks
 I LOVE this picture!  He is laughing REALLY hard.......
 ........at the duck poop that his brother almost leaned into!!!!  Poop is funny!!!!   (that is NOT duck poop on Max's foot.  It is tanning solution that rubbed off on him earlier. )
 A few minutes later Juliet walked out with Dash's GIANT stuffed duck and said "they can snuggle with this!"  SO sweet!

And this right here is why I would agree to duck sitting.  Something that would bring all three of these guys together for over 2 hours has got to be worth the headache.  right?  

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