Our Graduate.......

Darby graduated from grade school.....   sigh.....  I don't like it at all.   I don't like that she looks like this. I don't like that she is going to Jr. High next year.  I don't like that she can baby sit...oh wait yes I do.  I don't like that my baby is growing up!  This picture made me cry. 
 I do like that she stays true to her self and no matter how gorgeous she looks she will always be goofy!

 A shot of me and her before we headed out the door!

 This is her and her friend Caitlyn Kalm.  Caitlyn will be going to the same Jr. High as Darby.  She is a great girl.  They did play production together!
 This is her and another friend Caitlyn Lynch!  Caitlyn Lynch was Student body secretary!  She was one of the first friends that Darby made when we moved to Wilbur!  She is a great girl and I wish she was going to school with Darby!
 This is Spencer. He  was in Darby's class this year.  SUPER FUNNY!  Super creative!  Does his own you tube videos and we LOVE to watch them!  He played Led Zeplin and Blackbird by the Beatles at the Culmination.  It was Awesome!!!!  (He will go to the same school as Darb next year!!!)
 Their theme was Bursting Into the Future! (Firework!)  They sang that song....I cried.
 Here they are singing the "I Hope You Dance". (I think that's what it's called...?) ;)  I cried.

 Darby's good friend Amanda sang and played the piano!  She sang "The Climb". It was AMAZING.  I cried!
 Their were skits....
....and dances.
.... and more songs.....these girls (Caitlyn Lynch is one of them) learned to play the Ukulele for Culmination.  They sang  "Hey Soul Sister".   Darby and I decided that we are going to do the same thing this summer!  It was awesome...  I may have cried!
 More of her friends sang "Stand by Me".... cried some more.
 Then Darby and her friend Ashley closed the show by doing a skit that Brandon wrote called "The top 10 Reasons I didn't finish my Homework in Mrs. Lavery's class"  It stole the show!  Darby was HILARIOUS!!!  I laughed!  Then I cried!
 Then Principal Platt gave a culmination speech about standing up for what you believe in and what is right and having moral courage!  I cried some more.
 Pictures with her friend Jade.

 pictures with Principal Platt....I think one of her biggest cheerleaders and one of the best principals we've come across.  Fair and just with perfect amount of fun!  We love her!
 Her good friend Emmy!
 Darby and Ashley!  The show stoppers!  ( I love the airbrushed tattoos that ALL the 5th graders had from the graduation party the day before!!!  They were ALL over there bodies!) :)
There was a lot of crying this day on my part.  Mostly because I am so proud of her!  She overcame so many obstacles this year.  It was a rough one.   She tested high honors and highly gifted.  (I had no idea?  I was walkin' around telling every one she was a dumby! :)    She dealt with mean girls and a not so nice teacher, she had some health issues, and of course all the crazy feelings you get as a young girl in 5th grade.  I think she handled herself with grace and dignity and she is absolutely one of the most amazing people I know.  I am so lucky to get to call her my daughter!  Thank you Darby for working so hard this year and ALL of your grade school career!    WE are so very proud of you and love you SO much!!!

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Kaela said...

Awww, Darby looks like such a young lady! Miss you guys already!