Look WHOOOO'S 7!!! (a little late!)

Dash turned 7 this year!  I copied this cake from Natalie!  She made it for her son a couple weeks before.  Is Dash particularly fond of owls?  No. But I knew he would think it was really cool and special  just for him.   I was feeling really overwhelmed at the time and was so grateful that Nat had taken all the guess work out of the birthday job for me.  I am lucky to have such great friends who pick up the slack when I can't hack it!  It takes a village to raise a child and my kids are sure lucky that these women are a part of my village!  

Dash stayed home on his birthday and shopped for his cake stuff with me.  We went to the Goodwill bookstore and he picked out 6 books just for him.  They gave him one just for free too.  He thought he was a rock star!  
Uncle Jamie and Aunt Marilyn and the kids came over and celebrated with us!  We love to have them over!
Make a wish!

so yummy......
now that's a good cupcake! 

the birthday boy decorating his cupcakes!  He wanted to be a part of the process!

The whole family enjoying our time together!

Max and daddy.

Time for the gifts! 

Darby gave him a fill in your own comic book book ! 

Daddy gave him a fishing pole with a gift certificate to go fishing just the two of them.
It was his favorite gift.

Max gave him Skylanders. 

The next week we headed to Chik-Fil-A with his buddies to celebrate because they had a game truck. (they thought I rented it for his birthday.....it was there for a family night.....I let them think what ever they wanted to think!)
Garret, Dash and Nima

Juliet and Brianna

Gifts from his buddies 

Inside the game truck 

The sweet truck mom "rented"! Happy Birthday Dashel Keith!  We love you to bits!  

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