why I love him....

So on this Day o' Love I wanted to remember the reasons that I fell in love with my sweet man! Life can get crazy and years go by and you forget the tiny things that thrilled you! I just read the sweetest letter on a blog that made me think of this. (It was from the bloggers granny...it was "divine" as she called it. I loved every nostalgic bit of it.)

Why I loved and love the Big B!

SO funny! makes me laugh at nothing and everything every day!
Loves the Lord with all his heart.
Is "to the core" good. Really really good.
Is naughty when it's right. ;)
LOVES movies and isn't afraid to cry at a chick flick or any flick for that matter!
DOESN'T watch sports.
SOOOOOO handsome!
LOVE his hands!
Sexy bootay!
ohhhhh his singing voice!
Makes me feel safe!
Follows his dreams.
Is passionate about me following mine.
can say I'm sorry.
can speak spanish! (sexy)
He isn't perfect.
the least judgmental person I've ever met!
thinks I'm sexy when I'm my least sexy.
stares at me when I don't know it.
writes the BEST letters.
wants to be a father.
loves his family.
doesn't want me to work...wants me to be an at home mommy.
I didn't want to have kids til I met him....I wanted to have HIS kids.
made me feel like I would be a great mommy.
loves traditions.
isn't afraid to look the fool. (the man can/can't dance!)

There are so many reasons I first fell in love with B and I know I could list a thousand more now that we have been married for 14 years and known each other almost 20! I am one lucky lady! Happy Valentines! Be sure to tell someone you love them and maybe even make a list why!

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Abbey said...

sweetness to the core!!!! I need to do that soon!!