A Visit from the Thomas'

Tiffany and her kids came out to visit. It was just for one day but oh we had so much fun for that little amount of time! Our kids have sooooo much fun together. I wished so much that we lived near each other! One of the things I LOVE about their visits is that Darby can be her real true self with Hailey! She and Hailey and Hailee Sanford have been friends since they were 4 and they love each other. Good, Bad and Ugly!
This is a cake that Tiff and I went to pick up for the Activity Day girls activity. We had asked them to write Happy Birthday on it but it was the boys first day in the bakery. This is what came out to us. (Yes it does say Happy b-day) We were laughing so hard! The girl asked us if we wanted to get another one and let her write on it. Um, yes please. I swear this stuff only happens to me and Tiffany! It makes for some funny memories though! Darby and Hailey did facials on each other. They are getting so old so fast!
The boys played video games and loved every second of it~
Max REALLY wanted Tanner to stay for another week so that he could come to his birthday party. He said "Tanner is my one best friend that I have known since like birth!"
All the kiddos with some game things on their faces. I love that they all love each other and LOVE to play with each other. I HATE when it is time to say good bye!

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