Max becomes a BEAR!

Max turned 9 the begininng of this year and with that he moved classes from Wolf to Bear in scouting. No more yellow stuff....all light blue now. He worked hard to "earn" his Wolf too. i was really pround of him. This is his "Akaela" switching him over. (Sister Grodske...amazing) Our proud Bear!

Then they have the mom or dad come up and pin the bear badge on them. You pin it upside down until they do a good deed then they get to have it sewn on right side up!

The mommies get to wear that cool scout ribbon necklace to pin the pins on. We earn stuff right along side our scouts! I sure love that he LOVES scouts! It may not be my favorite thing in the world but I love that he is passionate about such an amazing program that helps him be a better person! GO MAX!

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