Things y'all didn't know about B!

A little post about Brandon!!!! So y'all can get to know him better.....it has been brought to my attention that some of my peeps don't know B as well as I thought. Probably because he was in Young Men. Or maybe because he lets me shine all the time and takes a back seat. (wind beneath my wings style....I thought I was his wind????:) So I thought I would post a little about B so all would know some confessions about him! I'm sure he will just LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. Start squirming baby!

As you can see by this photo he is a HUGE corn ball! HUGE HUGE HUGE! When we first met we went and saw Ace Ventura and I actually thought "I might be dating Jim Carrey and I don't really know I feel about that". I know! If you don't really KNOW Brandon it comes as a shocker because he is also shy. In a one on on setting he is kind of shy. In a group setting a cory ball or until you really get to know him then WATCH OUT he may never be serious again! I LOVE his sense of humor! He makes me laugh til I cry sometimes. EVERY DAY!
He is loved and respected every where he works and is missed when he leaves. He is profesional and strives so hard to be his best and is REALLY humble about his work. I on the other hand am not so humble about his work! I Think he is the best. He also loves to listen to movie themes. Random. Like the movie Brave Heart or Rudy. BIG music that moves him.
He does all the jobs I HATE! with out complaint. I hate to unload the dishwasher and he just does it. He also cleans the turtle tank and the kitty litter. He DOES NOT fold laundry. He can NOT multi task. He can NOT think and drive behind someone. The creative man can not pass someone while driving. VERY annoying. He can't help it if he is writing a movie in his head at all times while driving behind a 90 year old so if he is late to a church meeting after work that is why.
He loved working with the youth. This was the first time in our marriage that he had that opportunity and he loved every second of it. I think it was because his inner/outer child got to come out. No one judges you when you act the fool when they are all acting the fool! :)
He loves these guys. I think everyone knows that! He would rather hang out with them than a lot of people. He has been heard saying he is more comfortable at the kids table than any where else. That was one of the reasons I married him. I didn't want kids until I met this man. I wanted his kids. Only his kids. He reads them scriptures almost every nights. Sometimes I join in. Sometimes I don't. It is sometimes accompanied with yelling and I might secretly like it because he isn't a big yeller and it makes me feel more human when he yells. (should I delete that? I may come back in and edit that....I don't know.....one day my daughters might need to know it's ok to yell a little .......I don't know.....)
He doesn't do things half way! SO ANNOYING sometimes! I just want him to throw on a cape and a mask because that will work but he goes ALL the way and puts together a FULL costume to make it authentic and special for the boys. (2 hours later....annoying....but special.....and I SO love him for it!) I now have a Darth Vader costume for all to borrow! He does this with anything he takes on! The Road Show, Plays he has been in, Music he sings, anything.

He HATES HATES HATES taking pictures like this but he does for me because I like that it gives me skinny face!
So when we do it, he does them goofy....but look how skinny my face looks! RIGHT!?
He can mold his face into almost ANYTHING (Jim Carrey again)! He was Tony in West Side Story in college. The Wiz in The Wiz, The Nerd in The Nerd, and so many other wonderful plays and musicals! He is one of 7 brothers and sisters and has 5 more step brothers. His dad past away 2 years ago. He has to tough tough stories of growing up that make me love him even more (like wearing his sisters pants to school being teased and stuff that only makes you stronger) but the man went on to be Student Body President in High School. He really is incredible. I sure love him.
So I think that is a LITTLE taste of Brandon! Was that very painful babe? I didn't say anything about how sexy you are or what a good kisser you were or any thing like that! :)


Kaela said...

Awww, that was sweet :)

Chubz said...

Whenever I needed some peace in our chaotic and crazy home I looked for Brandon and I always found it. He also built the best forts. And he never tattled, even when I called him a "bi*ch" in 5th grade because he picked my bestie to be on his kickball team. Love that bro of mine!