Activity Day Girl Temple Trip

2 weeks ago we were able to take the Activity Day girls (some of them anyway) to the L.A. Temple. We had a picnic and talked about the new year. We went to the visitors center and the sister missionaries gave us a tour of the temple grounds. It was really cool to learn that even the grounds have significance and meaning. Everything has a purpose and a spiritual meaning. It was a very cool tour. Darby, Olivia, and Lizzy. (Darby can't take a serious picture)
Camie and Lila. Camie and I serve as Activity Day leaders together and we get to team teach the girls on Sunday together too! Very cool.
These are the statues outside the visitor center. They have some beautiful pieces. I loved watching the girls read about them.
Love this sweet picture of Lizzy!

We have great girls and I love being with them. This was a really great trip and I highly recommend it to other activity day leaders. It was cool to get out and do something a little different. We did it on a Sunday right after church. It felt like a special and different activity. The girls just loved it!

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