Happy Happy Birthday Max B Dear!

Max is 9 today......sigh! He is growing into such an amazing young man! I now get to serve in the primary and one of my favorite things about it is that I get to see my children grow in the gospel. All my children love the gospel but Max loves it with a childlike passion! One of my favorite things about Max is watching him raise his hand as high as he can to be picked in primary to answer a question or participate in a song. A few weeks ago he was so prompted by the spirit to share a scripture (even though it wasn't his week, turn, talk or anything of that nature) that he was beside himself until I could help him find the scripture he was looking for. (We had to enlist Brother Williams) I don't remember where the scripture is but it was about making your weakness your strengths and how the Lord can make hard things easy. Max was REALLY passionate about sharing it out of the blue. I cried as my sweet sweet boy followed the promptings of the Holy Ghost with out any question. He is AMAZING! Mommy said: "I love that Max is NEVER afraid to hug or kiss me in front of the school. No matter who is looking. Max has GREAT taste in music and music groups! He loves what he loves and doesn't care if it's cool to anyone else! I also love that he knows all the words to Pumped Up Kicks, even the whistling parts! "
Nana said: "I like when he makes me hot chocolate when I'm cold and how he gives me the biggest hugs even though he can't get his arms all the way around me! I love his smiles and his intensity. I love that when I'm old and feeble he will always be there to take care of me! I love how he always tells me not to "neener neener" him but he secretly can't wait for it!"
Juliet said: "I like that he is reading books! I like that he turns on the t.v.!"
Daddy said: "I love the way he cares about others. He sees that someone is upset and tries to help. I love his eagerness to learn and to share what he's learned. I love that he loves Zelda as much as I do!"
Darby said: "I like Max because he'll sometimes glue his face away from video games and play outside with me. I also like that he's not afraid to play pet shops and barbies with us."
Dash said: "I like that he plays video games with me and I like that he shares a room with me. I also like that he walks me across the street in the morning at school."
Callie the cat and Lola the kitten said: "Meow, we love that he likes to pet us. He doesn't try to carry us around like babies and he lets us lay on him when he plays video games, Meow"

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