ow me

that is what my niece Olivia (now 20) used to say when she was hurt. Today I was hurt. Bad. By a friend. On the flip side another friend fixed a hurt and that was good. I love when hurts are fixed because I believe that it makes friendships stronger and better. The other hurt though I don't know will ever be repaired and that breaks my heart. You see I take my friendships very seriously. I have a gift. A gift of making friends. I love my friends like family. I love them fiercely and I fight for them. Sometimes to fiercely....I don't give them the time they need to heal by calling and texting and calling and calling and texting and stalking. :) So tonight I say Ow Me. With a broken heart and a sigh. but on the other hand, on a less ow me note, the true friendships shine through. So I will try to celebrate that and let go of the other broken friendship! ow me.

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Alison said...

love yer guts