Party Like it's 1999!!!!

We have a great back yard. It is really really big for California . It's beautiful and landscaped really well. We lend it out often for parties. I feel super blessed because we get to live in this amazing house and when we first moved in I said that we would lend out this amazing back yard to anyone who ever needed it. We have lent it for lots of kids parties, youth parties for church, Relief Society parties and many a baby shower. Who doesn't want the party at their house? :) This particular party was for our friend Allen Au. His wife was throwing him a 40th birthday party. This Party turned out to be HUGE!!!!! It was a lot of fun and they transformed our back yard into an amazing party that only a Californian could do! This is Loretta (party thrower) putting together the cake cups. Very cool.This is my counter top when it was starting to be taken over by food for the party.
more food!
My back patio. (the twinkle lights are mine) :) I like to think I added a little to the magic of the party and it wasn't all the professional party planner they had hired! The white stuff is just plastic table cloth stuff that they draped everywhere. When it is bunched and draped it looks like fabric but is much cheaper. Very cool tip! They had vases with glow bracelets in them for people to take. They also broke some of them open and splashed other vases with the glow gel so the vases on the tables glowed! Very fun!
Such cute and simple table! Vase and mason jars. Votive candle. So simple and so classy. The tables were under a tent and there was a dance floor. The D.J. set up under our gazebo and they also set a photo booth under it too. That was really really fun! The cotton candy maker was on our shuffle board deck.

Then the food came ....and came.....and came...... First Sushi. Then meatballs, and fries, and jello oranges, and veggies, and a hot chocolate bar, and cake and so much other food.
My cousins were coming to visit for the weekend. What a fun weekend to have them come. (We don't really party like this) We had a ton of fun with them at the party. Joel and his cute girlfriend.
Nick and Brandon. Nick had only been home from his mission for a couple weeks.
Joel was gettin' his party on!
Not a very good picture of the dance floor and tables but I had to try.
Cotton candy machine! (this was really fun and we got to make our kids cotton candy the next day!)
more dance floor.
The birthday boy! Alan has been our stake d.j. for almost 20 years. He does all the dances and his available for parties for young and old. Tons of fun. He came and dj'ed our end of summer party. The kids thought that was really really cool!
One of my favorite parts of the night was towards the end when I came inside and found Nick helping the young women do the dishes. I was such a proud cousin. I have really great family!
We had such a great time at the party and I love being able to lend out my yard! Hopefully the birthday boy had a good time too!

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