Suzy's Valentine

Usually Brandon can "fall back" on his art when he's forgotten a holiday. :) Goes into the bathroom and whips up a card for an hour..... THIS YEAR my sweet boy planned ahead and for Valentines he gave me a picture of one of our dates from before we were married! (This really happened and I was really that skinny! ;) He brought me this amazing and thought felt gift framed and with flowers. I love that he is an artist and I get to reap the benefits!

On this particular date I thought the boy was going to ask me to marry him! It was such a cute fun date! I sat on pins and needles all night. I ate everything VERY slowly in case the ring was hidden inside the food! At the end of the night, when he took me home, I cried! I thought FOR SURE this was going to be the night because the date was just creative and amazing. Brandon is REALLY creative and I learned real soon that I should ENJOY the creativity and just let it happen or I would end every amazing date in tears! (He asked me a to marry him...for the first time....a couple months later!) :)

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