Last night was Family Home Evening for us and we did a fun one that I wanted to share. Let me just say that I got this idea from a book (that I love)! It took all of about 10 minutes. The impact was great and the kids had a blast.

I started by hiding 15-20 small objects in the living room that didn't belong in there. I had them wait in the other room for this. Then I called Dash into the living room and showed him where everything was. We got the rest of the family and told them that we were going to have a scavenger hunt for all the things I hid. I wanted them to win so do your best and find the most! Of course Dash found the most! (whew, it would have blown my lesson if he didn't.) After we counted and it was clear Dash had won I asked them if anyone knew why Dash had won! Max, very heatedly said, "Because Dad held my shirt! OR I would have been the winner!" He is a bit competitive! I told them that I had given Dash a HEAD START!!! I asked what we could do to have a head start every day! Something that would put us a head of everyone else!? Of course daddy said PRAYER!!!! Prayer gives us a head start over anyone else helping us to be winners every day! Max said again "NO WAY I would have won if Dad hadn't held my shirt!" SO we went over it one more time! FINALLY he got it! We sang a song and had a prayer and moved on to some ice cream! DONE AND DONE!!!

So there you have it! Super fun, super fast, and super easy! I will post next Monday's FHE lesson too. ANOTHER fun fast one! (this book is really a good one. "Keeping your family awake for Family Home Evening")

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