Happy Mother's Day!

I LOVE MOTHER'S DAY!!! I think I like it more than my birthday even! I am going to do a whole blog post on my mom and mothers that I love but for this post it is all about MY kids and what they did to honor me on Mother's Day! Dash made me this beautiful picture at school! I loved it! He was so excited to give it to me! He also bought me pink frosted sugar cookies to share! Juliet made me a card that is a magnet at church! (Thank you to all the cute leaders at church that helped my babies make me something!)
Max made me a card at school that was a fold out! I cried. I loved it! He also made me a beaded book mark that I totally need because the one my friend Alison made me finally broke! Here is what he wrote in his card.... "I love you because you are nice and calm. I love the way you are. You are special because you always think right. I am glad you are my mom because you are special. Your the best mom because you help me. You are the best mom in the world because you love me back." On the back he recorded the time May 8, 2011 2nd grade 8 years old Max Jeffords Ms. Scott Wilbur Ave. School! What a sweet sweet boy. I don't know where he gets that I am calm but I will take it even if just for one day!
Max also got me a cake. He asked me in Ralph's a few days before Mother's Day if we could celebrate in 2 weeks because he would have enough allowance to buy me a cake. He is so sweet! I told him to talk to daddy and I am sure they could work something out.
Brandon had chocolate covered Strawberries sent to me! I was totally surprised. It had a card that said for you to enjoy on Mother's day! Sit back, take a guilt free nap and enjoy your day off! Darby gave me a candle.....
some flowers and a Balloon and coupon book. Coupons for babysitting Juliet, massages, jobs, clean anything, and some "freebies"!
Brandon had my blog published again! I love this gift!

Darby wrote me a card at school and I think this is one of my favorite gifts. On the picture side it said "I'm one real lucky DUCK!" The pictures are things that we do together. (one of them is lying on the beach.....we all know how I feel about the beach..... I am glad it is a good memory for her!) This is the poem she wrote me just as she wrote it:
My mothers smile is as warm as the beautiful warm bright dawn sun on a cold gloomy day.
My mothers laugh is as sweet as cotton candy flowing on a lemonade sky.
My moms brown eyes are as comforting as ten million stripling warriors.
My moms voice is as beautiful as thousands of violins.
My moms prettier than a dewwed red rose. I am sure a lucky mom! She is so sweet!
Brandon made a card for our moms this year. I loved it and I hope they do too! I hope y'all had an amazing mother's day. I sure did!

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Maxmomma said...

Okay, this made me tear up. It tells so much that Darby would choose your eyes being more comforting than ten million stripling warriors! What a sweet, sweet family.