Juliet has been getting into our bed for the last 3 weeks around 4 in the morning. We are to tired/lazy to put her back so we have let her. It is also really fun to snuggle with her. She is the most snuggly out of all our kids! She will roll over and put her little arm around your neck. She is warm and almost always smells good! She will sometimes open her eyes a little and say "hi mommy", with a little smile! SO CUTE! BUT some of those days she sleeps sideways and kicks you in the face, the boob, or the kidney. NOT SO CUTE!!!! Brandon decided that it was time she stayed in her bed again and that we had let it go to far! He is the bed Nazi so I let him go. Monday night....she slept all night in her bed. Tuesday night...... 4 am in our bed. Brandon got up and put her back......... this is what she screamed FOR WHAT FELT LIKE AN ETERNITY! (It was only 15 minutes)

"I WANT TO NUGGLE MY MOMMY! MOMMY WHERE ARE YOU! I WANT TO NUGGLE YOU! I WANT A BAA BAA! I WANT MY MOMMY! I WANT TO NUGGLE YOU! SISSY!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!! I WANT YOU MOMMY! DON'T LEEB ME! I WANT TO NUGGLE YOU!!!!" The whole time, blood curdling, like someone was stealing her from me! Darby came out of the boys room, crying and begging Brandon to just let her sleep with us. (We put Darby in the boys room in anticipation of the yelling/crying) I came out at one point and said I didn't think it was a good idea to start it during the week. A weekend would be better I am sure! (I have no idea why it would be better. It just sounded right at 4 am) BUT Brandon held out and yelled at us to go away and within 15 minutes she was done! UNTIL last night when the same thing happened for only 10 more minutes! He is way better at this than me! He does their sleep routines at 4 months and I have to leave the house. Juliet sure knows how to get us! MORALE OF THE STORY! I don't really have one. If it were up to me she would sleep with me tonight! :)


b - bo said...

Well Done Brandon! Got to keep those boundaries.

Sharlynn said...

LOVE YOU!!! I SOOO love reading your blog because it is like you are right here telling me yourself. Hang in there and let Brandon work his magic. Brandon has always been great at bed routines. Maybe he should write a book. :)