Easter Sugar Cookies!

I don't know how my parents did it! Every year, year after year, for multiple holidays they would bust out the cookie cutters and make HOME MADE sugar cookies. I blogged once about my dad doing enough for my class to decorate them. (On more than one occasion.) I want to love this tradition but I don't. IT is messy and makes me sweaty! I DO love that my kids love it. (along with pumpkin carving and coloring eggs) So we will continue to do it! Brandon took over the job this year and rolled out the dough. It was good because he let everyone have a turn and he didn't freak out if they put the cookie cutter in the center of the dough making it so you don't get as many shapes as possible. We had butterflies and a bunny. (you can use the bunny as a fish too if you turn it sideways) Next year we will have a chick too. (After Easter sales are the best!)
Max was getting really good at putting the cutter close to the edge so mommy didn't melt down. :)
Look how proud Max is of his sister! So sweet!
The finished project! Dash made a vampire bunny. NOt sure which one that was. I am sure they were yummy. I didn't taste because I don't like sugar cookies. (Unless they are Val Cowleys and then I will eat them all!!!)

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