The most beautiful shower I have ever been to!!!

Saturday was my cute friend Lyndsay McDougal's bridal shower. I adore her. She is literally one of the funnest people I have ever met! I kind of want to marry her! :) Katie Canon and Katie's sister in laws put the shower together for Lyndsay and it literally was one of the most beautiful and fun things ever! (Alison you would have been proud:) The cupcakes had a gorgeous Damask cover on them! Katie has a special way to get them so they don't stick to your cupcake too! More gorgeous cupcakes! These are marshmellows that have been sliced in two I think and candy painted! SO cute! We also had a yogurt bar AND an OMELET bar! Lyndsay's brother in law to be made omelets to order! DELICIOUS!!! (Thanks Marco!)
The theme was all PINK. (Lyndsay's favorite color) We were asked to wear pink and their was a prize for the favorite pink outfit. SO FUN! ... and Springy!
Lyndsay's sister, Tiffany, Lyndsay and her mom!
Some of the table settings. Simple and beautiful flowers with pictures of the bride to be and her man.
Suzy and Lyndsay!
Miss Katie! The amazing hostest and my friend! I wish I had taken more pictures. It really was beautiful and made me want to marry B all over again! I am so happy for Lyndsay! I wish I could go to back East to her wedding to take a few pictures there! SO exciting!

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Alison said...

Ooh, I've got to try that with cupcakes! They are beautiful!