Happy Happy Birthday Dashel Dear!

Dash turned 6 last Thursday. Blogger was down so I down so I couldn't do our traditional birthday post! Here is my sweet sweet 6 year old! He is hilarious, sweet, loving, hardworking, and just a joy to have in our family! Daddy said: "I love his ability to turn his bones to rubber when I pick him up. I love his sense of humor and charisma when he's with his family and then his change to shy and coy in front of others. His smile and laugh are contagious. I love his effort and willingness when jobs have to be done."
Darby said: "I love Dash because he likes to play with me when nobody else does and he doesn't leave anybody out."
Max said: "I like that he's a brother like no other!"
Juliet said: (with mommies help) "I like that he will play puppy with me for as long as I want him to! He is the funnest to take baths with because he splashes the most and isn't afraid of getting in trouble!"
Callie the Cat said: "Meow. He leaves me alone! Meow."
Mommy said: "I love that he is excited to see me every day after school. He isn't afraid to hold my hand in front of his friends. He still thinks I am pretty and loves to snuggle with me. I love that he can make me laugh with a simple look or a potty joke. I love that he loves to give talks in primary. I love that he is my sweet sweet boy!"
This is Dash at 4 weeks old. Sweet boy!
He looks just like B did when he was a baby!
Dash is almost 2 here. One night he was crying in his bed and B was making him "tuff" it out. He was screaming for me for a while "mommy mommy mommy" then for B, "daddy daddy daddy" after he cried for us for a good 15 minutes he gave up on us and yelled out "Miss Nannee? MISS NANNEEEEEEE!!!!" That was Miss Natalie. Brandon said to me "Did he just call for Miss Natalie?" He knew that if we wouldn't come and get him then he would try for Miss Natalie because she loved him. He loved her then and he still loves her today! He is a sweet boy that touches all those he comes in contact with! We love you baby DASH!!!


Dane and Natalie said...

Miss Nannee loves him too! I can't believe he is 6 years old! He will always be a baby to me. Love you, Dash!

Abbey said...

Love how you have quotes from everyone in the family!!! Neat idea!

Maxmomma said...

I cannot get over that amazing smile at 4 weeks old! So sweet!