Jail anyone?

At Darby's 4th grade Spring Fling they had a jail cell! It cost 2 tickets to put someone in jail. I had no idea what it was and Darby told me that it was a ticket booth like at Chucke Cheese where you go in and tickets blew all over the place. I was busy with my other kids so I told her how cool that was and went on my way. A few minutes later she said they needed me over there and FAST! I went over and she told me that she had paid for me to go in! I was SO worried that I would look so lame and only collect like 5 tickets. Low and behold it was a jail cell! Tricky little lady! She and her friends had a good laugh. The ticket taker made me wait out my 3 or 4 minutes in Jail! No special treatment for parents even thought the ticket taker was a fellow parent!
Towards the end of the night as we were getting ready to leave a young man in Darby's class had paid for HER to go to jail! AHHHHH Vengeance was MINE and it cost me NOTHING!!
I hope you rot for the full 4 minutes little girl!
The sweet sweet boy who paid for her to go to jail! What a great night we had as a family and a school! The fourth grade raised a ton of money for next years activities and graduation!

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