Pine Wood Derby!

This was Max's first year doing the Pine Wood Derby! He designed the car himself then he went to Bishop Clinger's and he cut it out for him and gave him bullet tips to help weigh it down. Then he and Brandon painted it. (It was killing Brandon not to just design and paint it himself.) They had some super cute rub on decals that were flames and a sweet bull dog! We went to watch him race as a family and it was very fun and very nerve racking. As a mom you just want them to win! His first heat he took 3rd (out of 3) the second heat he took second and his third heat he took FIRST!!!! (you had to take 1st in 2 out of your 3 heats to be eligible to move on.) All and all it was a great experience and Max had a blast! He took great notes on the winning cars and what he can do to improve for next year! He named his car the GREEN BUTTON. (after the road show) What a cute cute boy!

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