Easter Egg Hunt!

After Church on Sunday Uncle Jamie and his family came over for an Easter Egg hunt in our back yard! The kids were so excited! Marilyn had a super idea to put stickers on the eggs that were for the babies and the older kids would leave those ones alone. There were a couple eggs with some money and change in them and Uncle Jamie put one out there with 12$ in it! WHAT? Dash was the lucky one that found that one and when he did B and I just shook our heads. I was really hoping a teenager would find that one! Yes, she wore her "win soup" all day. I was lucky to get it off her in the morning to put on a dress for church. She almost wore it underneath her dress. Yes, it is too cold to be in only a swim suit. No, I did not fight it.
Darby searching for some eggs!
Cute Journey found one! (I love that she is using her elmo trick or treat bucket. Juliet has one of those too that she uses as a purse a lot! )
Baby Jermemy got in on the action as well. I can't believe that he is big enough to walk let alone hold his own in an Easter Egg hunt! I still look at him as a tiny baby! He is getting so big so fast! I wish I had more pictures of the other kids but they were all running too fast! :) We had a yummy dinner and got to enjoy each others company. We love living close enough to family to be able to do fun things like this!

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