Yogurt Land!!! One of our favorite treat places! Chris and Tiffany first took us there in Vegas. I have never liked yogurt places because they are sooooo expensive! When we saw they were building a Yogurt Land by us we were thrilled!!!
We used to go to Pink Berry. It's a lovely place but a little pricey. You were aloud to have 2 toppings and not that much of them. (You could have more but they cost more of course.) SO we would walk out of there with our ultra small cup size with 2 toppings and be happy that we made it under 25$ for our family. (Juliet usually had to share with me or have the sample cup/s) BUT NOT AT YOGURT LAND!!!!! At Yogurt Land the yogurt and toppings flow freely!!!! (29 cents an ounce) You get your own yogurt (choosing from about 18 flavors) and you put on your own toppings. Everything from fruit, brownies, cereal, nuts, candy, sauces....you think of it and they have it!!!! My kids LOVE it! It is the land of YES and not NO!!! Everyone gets what they want and all for under $20!
A VERY happy Juliet!
Dash is very serious about his Frozen Yogurt and LOVES to eat half of it there and take the rest home for the freezer to pull out when nobody has any and eat while they envy! (His flavors and toppings are to "creative" for me to ever want a taste of his!)
Darby gets a lot of the same things every time like me. My favorite is toasted coconut yogurt with a tiny bit of red velvet cupcake yogurt. Then add strawberries, coconut, and fruity pebbles and the occasional hot fudge or choc. chips. Don't try to mix in anything else or change the yogurt. You will just wish you had the other. (Seriously the fruity pebbles are the best topping! The perfect mix of fruity sweet and crunchy!)
Max and Daddy! Brandon loves fruit and cheesecake bites. This go round he surprised us all with a bunch of candy in his yogurt. Max LOVES a LOT of yogurt and a good mixture of toppings, but ALWAYS add the caramel topping! It is a great place and won't brake your budget. If you get one in your area be sure to give it a whirl. You won't be disappointed!

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