Open House!

Last week we got to go to the school to see what the kids had worked on all year in their classes! This is Dash with his teacher Mrs. Bell! WE LOVE HER! She is super fun and super sweet! EVERYONE wants to get her for kindergarten and every time we said we had her someone would say "Ohhhhhhhhh, you are lucky!" Kind of reverently. She really is all that and a big ol' bag of chips!
Darby with her self portrait and all her other things she had worked on.
Darby and Ms. Green. We like her a lot too. She has been really fun and is really "artsy" and that is perfect for Darby!
These are some of Max's projects that he worked on. One is a fossil dig, very cool, and a tri-amma on Charles Lindberg, a self portrait and a story!
Max and Ms. Scott. She is the perfect teacher for him. I don't know that she would work for my others but it is a perfect fit for Max. I have heard other kids on the court yard saying that Max is her favorite! I don't know about that but I also don't know how he could not be! She is out of school for the rest of the school year for a surgery and she will be sorely missed! She is going to visit on the last day of school though so we can say our good byes then!

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