confessions of a weak bladdered woman!

1. I read til 4 in the morning the other day and pretended not to hear the baby wake up so that I could keep reading. (what kind of mother does that and worse what kind of wife?)
2. I work out better and harder in new work out clothes. Seriously they make me feel pretty!
3. I haven't mopped in 3 weeks (I'm lying it's been longer) I HATE mopping. Mostly because the SECOND I do someone spills on the floor.
4. I love coke slurpees and was having one every day (to replace the diet coke I gave up.....moment of silence for the diet coke......shhhhhhh.........still need some silence......) then I found out yesterday that they have 560 calories in them.
5. I have gained 4 pounds since I started drinking slurpees.
6. I don't drink slurpees any more.
7. I'm friends with my marriage councilor on fb now! (Dancing and shimmying and pelvic thrusting right now!) I love her! She makes me happy and I still am avoiding calling her because I know she will call me out on my garbage whether we are fb friends or not! :)
8. 3 weeks ago I taught a TON of classes and was super busy and didn't shower from Sunday til Thursday afternoon. SICK! I know! I post this so those of you that have had that happen won't feel like a homeless bag lady (see photo) and know that it just happens sometimes. It's not pleasant but it happens. Burn your dirty sheets and move on with your life..... oh and shower!
9. I yell to much. boo.
10. When I walk out of movies that are CRAZY disturbing to me or even really cool I will ask Brandon if that could happen in real life! "War of the Worlds" for one, Brandon turned to me and said "you mean aliens coming down and taking over and the world going crazy and stuff?" DUH YES THAT!!! Or "Transformers" I just KNEW my mini van was a Transformer! He talks me off my crazy ledges. I love him!


ruthlesshannah said...

i love your confessions! they make me feel more normal. haha. i feel your pain with mopping floors! josh does them for me. :)

Just Jennifer said...

Thankful to know another yeller. I'm trying to be better!

Sharlynn said...

Suzy I love you! I hope you showered.

Abbey said...

Totally laughed at the mopping one!!! Seriously... I am right there with you sister!!! And on the diet coke thing... I hate diet and can not refuse a full throttle fountain coke!!!! I try but I just don't have it in me... And I am total yeller ;)))