Welcome to our zoo!

We have these four crazy animals.......SUPER hard to care for. Require constant feeding and bathing! Ugh!

And we now have 2 turtles...... Link and Peekachoo! (they are really cute and easy to care for)A new Hamster.....ChewBecca! (to replace Calvin....RIP) She is pretty cute and sort of easy to take care of!
The Queen BEE!..... Callie.... thinks she runs the house, loves Darby and doesn't care about the rest of our pets. Seriously, ChewBecca ran in front of her in her little ball and Callie didn't even raise her head. I think she may have only opened one eye!
We also now have 2 Beta fish the older kids got at a birthday party! (They came with bowls and gravel, and a water tree thing and food and water purification stuff....... who does that for a party favor!? Only in L.A.)
Welcome to our zoo........

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Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Hahaha I <3 this. Every time I see pictures of your kids I can't believe how big they are! Ahhhh I am getting so old :)