So I sat the kids down and asked them if they were super "Smarties" about the Savior! I had some sweet tart candies and called them Smarty pants candies. (My cute book that had this idea used Smarties for the candy but my kids don't like them so we used something different!) For every one thing they could tell me about the Savior they got to have a candy. Hands were flying in the air!!!! There was everything from Mary was His mother to He was Baptized in the River Jordan by John the Baptist and even a few of His miracles. It was amazing to see what my smarty pants knew. After they had a small pile of candy I asked them to please think of these things they knew about the Savior during Sacrament meeting. That was the end of the lesson and we moved on with night.

Fast forward to Sunday. I am not a big treat giver during sacrament but I brought a small baggie of our "Smarty Pants" candies and during the passing of the Sacrament I handed each of the kids a few and winked at them. It was really amazing to watch them ponder the things they knew about the Savior as they put candy in their mouths one tiny piece at a time. They would scrunch their noses and close their eyes to think of something so they could plop a piece in their mouth. At one point Dash couldn't think of any more so I witnessed Max lean over and whisper things in his ear. After each sweet whisper Dash would reverently put a candy in his mouth! Amazing......

This F.H.E. payed off that one week. I brought the same candies the next week and they went much faster with whining for more. When it did pay off though it was really a great thing to watch!!!!

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