Daisy's birthday party!

Daisy is Anna'a niece and one of our cute friends. She had a birthday party and turned 5 and invited us to her party. Max absolutely adores Daisy! The pinata!
They also had a blow up water slide! Too much fun!

Darby was cornered by some 5 year olds. She is such a good sport to play along with them!
They also had a chocolate fountain to dip/drown your fruit in! Max's first shot at a chocolate covered Banana! (I think his new favorite treat with Smores a close second!)
I love watching Max "enjoy" his food. He REALLY enjoys eating accompanied by cute faces and happy noises!
Here he was shaking his head back and forth with his eyes closed saying "Mmmmm (breath) mmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm"
Dash playing in a little sand!
Me and Darby! It was pretty windy that day! Happy birthday to Daisy! We just love you! Thanks for inviting us to such a fun fun day!

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