More road show!!!!

We did the road show again for a young women's fundraiser for camp! It was a ton of fun. Brandon played Mr. Big this time and Jenna got to be a twin and the missionaries filled in in two other big rolls and we had a great time with them! We were happy to do it one more time and also happy that we got to retire it! All and all they made a good chunk of money for girls camp! This is our last rehearsal before the show!
Brandon running for the red button in slow motion before the computer shuts down!
Still running in slow motion right before the "boomarangatang" hits him!
Ending number "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"!

I would really like to say the dancing was amazing but.........
Mr director man being bossy......again! :)
This is the whole cast and some crew the night of the show! I was a judge.....that is why I have a judge wig on! Not flattering. This time some more of the primary kids got to be in it! I think they all had a great time and are looking forward to when it is their turn to star in a road show!

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