OWIE!! (This is gross so if you can't hack it don't look!)

We were moving our new dresser and this happened! Rammed the dresser into my toe nail. The toe nail popped up and I started to cry and NOT say any bad words. (very proud of myself) The doctor wants me to see a pediatrist so he can CLIP it down. WHAT? "Don't worry he will numb your toe with 2 needles!" OHHHHHHH! In that case! BYE BYE! This is the boy that took care of the toe! He bound it and sanitized it and even let me yell at him when he would cut the bandaid off! I love him and seriously don't know what I would do with out him. This is on a date night! I loved the view behind us and loved the picture of him so I had to post it even though I had "fat face"!

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Gwen said...

This time, you made me flex my buns! OUCH! You have to post a picture of your new dresser. I gotta see what caused all of that damage.