Our Valentine boxes!

This year we made Valentine boxes. (thanks Pinterest!) The kids didn't have to because they are taking all the fun out of school! I wanted them too though. THey had a blast and so did Brandon. I loved the final product! They got TONS of compliments at school and we made a wonderful memory! They were really easy. Tissue boxes. spray paint. egg carton. googly eyes. fun foam. paint for decorating. I found these on line and they were polk a dotted. SO cute. I wanted them to look the same as the picture but we let them do their own thing. Dang creative children! The website I found them on called them "tattle monsters" You put your complaint or you "tattle" on a paper and put it in the monster and he listens to your woes instead of the teacher! Cute idea. Max wanted to donate his to his teacher after the holiday! (Must have a lot of tattling in that class!)

Here's Juliet's box!
Max's box!
Darby's box!
Dash's box!

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