New Carpet!

This is the new carpet in the house we live in! I LOVE IT! It doesn't matter how clean your house is when your carpet is all stained it looks dirty! NOT ANY MORE! The carpet has caused me some anxiety and some grief BUT for the most part I really love it. I feel very blessed to have it!

What do you do while you are waiting for the carpet guys to finish? You watch a movie outside of course! Most of our furniture was on the back patio. It was getting chilly so caved ourselves in with mattresses and bundled up and watch a movie on the tv outside. It was fun!
That is the piano behind the kids and more mattresses! Nothing like building a GIANT fort while waiting! All in all it was a great day! Only a couple regrets. :) One of them is when I texted my landlord (and friend) that there would be no food, shoes or even children aloud on the new carpet! Dang predictive text though put the word wieners instead of shoes. Because I never re read my text I sent her a text that said "no more food, wieners or even children on the carpet!" Nice one Jeffords! If you're in the neighborhood drop on by to see the new carpet! Just no food or drink and leave your SHOES at the door! ;)


Just Jennifer said...

What a world of difference a little thing like carpet makes right? What a lucky girl you are!

Ailith Blesington said...

The new carpets are lovely. The shade you chose is just right – it matches the color of the walls perfectly. Nice text message, Suzy. It made me smile. Good luck in enforcing the ‘no food or drink’ rule, though. :)

Ailith Blesington

Wilbert Padilla said...

“It doesn't matter how clean your house is when your carpet is all stained it looks dirty!” – I certainly agree, Suzy. A stained carpet is unpleasant to look at. Also, it gives an impression that the carpet is dirty and not well-maintained. It is always best to keep it spotless and immaculate to retain its beautiful appearance. And good decision on the carpet replacement. Your kids will definitely love watching a movie while sitting on the new and clean carpet.

-Wilbert Padilla